My Advice


Less than 1% of Advisers in Australia are Independent. I am one of them.

This means doing things a bit differently.

We receive no commissions, no percentage-based-fees and have no conflicted interests (such as owning or being owned by an investment fund).

In other words, it’s only about you. We are here only for you and not here to represent an institution or a portfolio of financial products.

We work to know you, your values and your aspirations so we can use; coaching, strategy and product knowledge to help you grow and preserve wealth across all areas in a way that is personalised to you.


For our ongoing personal advice clients, we take care of everything!

We deliver a high level of support to all of our valued clients to help achieve their goals.

We focus on a comprehensive approach that considers all aspects of your life, so there is not a superficial approach to helping you.

We limit the number of ongoing clients to a reasonable level we have so that we can maintain a high service level with personalised attention to your plan and needs.

We are not seeking ongoing clients only. We believe in providing advice at the right level to each person so we make sure to offer both:

  • General advice “education meetings” where I can explain relevant concepts to you and
  • One-off personal advice as part of a Comprehensive Strategic Review which would be to develop a financial plan for you but built in a way so you are not “trapped” into needing an ongoing adviser.
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When your advisers aren’t working together, you aren’t getting the best outcome.

I make sure to collaborate with your accountant, lawyer, brokers and other advisers where it will improve your outcomes.

This saves you explaining your financial plan to them and that nothing gets missed.

Education and Coaching

I work with you to make sure your financial plan is right for you but I also know the more you understand why the recommendations are in your best interest, then the higher the probability of achieving your goals becomes.

This means I take a lot of care to explain your options and the strategies used in everyday language so that you have empowered decision making in your financial planning.

In addition, as an independent, I am free to use an evidence-based-philosophy for my investing approach so there is no need to bamboozle in order to try and rationalise the irrational.


There will be no surprises and no hidden costs to you in the cost to you with my office.

We begin with a complimentary-15-minute introductory call so you can make sure I feel like the right “fit” for you before booking a full meeting.

The first meeting is no commitment and up to 90-minutes at a cost of $330. This allows an initial focus on learning about you and your goals so we can identify the strengths, risks and opportunities you have. If advice is merited, we provide you a written quote for a comprehensive strategic review and personalised financial plan after the meeting.

This quote will incorporate all fees and costs as one total figure. There will be no percentages, there will be no commissions, there are no other undisclosed fees we receive (as we meet the legal definition of  “independent” for financial advisers) and we not charge extra for necessary items like implementation. It will be clear to you the exact cost of a comprehensive strategic review.

We apply the same approach to our ongoing “Wealth: Growth” and “Wealth: Protect” programs should we see them having value for you.