About John

Who am I?

My name is John Hicks and was fortunate enough to grow up in England (about 30 miles from London) before going to a historic university and emigrating to Australia in 2006.  

I was always a finance nerd as a child, saving hard and buying my first shares at the age of 12. I have also had a high level of empathy and with hindsight now realise it was probably always my path to end up in a role where the focus is both on understanding what really matters to people and using finance to empower them.  

With all I have seen, I felt compelled to become an Independent Financial Adviser so I could focus only on delivering advice and guidance that not only optimises financial positions but also delivers clients the freedom to focus on the things that bring true meaning and purpose in their lives. 

What’s my Experience? 

After University (Economics), I enjoyed an initial foray into accounting which gave me solid foundations but didn’t feel right as a career for me and then I stumbled across financial planning. 

Accounting had been more about looking back and adding up how people had already used their money but financial planning wasn’t like this. It was about looking at forward to plan for the future by taking control of the things you could still change, I loved it. 

I started my financial planning career officially in 2007 at a small practice with a strong strategy focus in Canberra. We worked with a wide range of people with a focus on retirement advice. I subsequently moved to Melbourne and was able to work at two much larger practices with particular emphasis on Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) advice and small-to-medium sized business advice.

With 17 years experience in in financial services, I opened my own independent advice practice with no commissions, no asset-based fees and 100% conflict-free.

My Qualifications

  • Master of Financial Planning (in progress) 
  • FASEA Financial Adviser Exam. 
  • Diploma Financial Planning  
  • Bachelor of Economics (Hons)  

In addition I belong to the following associations: 

  • The Profession of Independent Financial Advisers. 
  • The SMSF Association.
  • The Financial Advice Association Australia.
  • Adviser Ratings.